MAKE sure you're protected from the sun this Friday - as Bury is set to be hotter than Barbados as the rays shine down on the town.

The temperature will soar to a scorching 28C by 4pm this Friday, according to the Met Office.

The Caribbean Island will see a similar temperature - meaning you won't be missing out on the glorious sunshine from any holidays you might have had planned.

Bury will also be hotter than places such as Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City and Sydney as the mercury hits sunny highs.

Other parts of the UK will feel the heat too, with London experiencing highs of 26C and Edinburgh reaching 24C.

Forecasting for the North West, the Met Office said: "Friday will be dry with plenty of very warm sunshine. Scattered thundery showers developing overnight then sunny spells on Saturday."

But if the thought of those figures is leaving you a bit hot under the collar, don't worry - as the heatwave will be short-lived, with Saturday seeing a high of around 19C.

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