DOZENS of roads will be resurfaced over the next three years as part of a £10m investment by Bury Council.

This is the second scheme of its kind and comes after more than 13 miles of road, around three per cent of the borough’s entire highway network, was resurfaced under the first tranche of £10m spent over the last three years.

Cllr Lucy Smith, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said it shows the council’s continuing commitment to improve roads across the borough.

She said: “Our roads are actually our biggest asset in the borough and yet we get very little central funding to maintain them.”

The cabinet approved the second tranche of the highway investment strategy at a meeting on Wednesday alongside a new mechanism to procure civil engineering works in collaboration with other Greater Manchester authorities.

The full list of roads which the council says can be resurfaced within the budget and timescale has been published – but it will be subject to change over the three years of the scheme as some roads may need speedier repairs.

Strategic Network Schemes:

Cross Lane, Radcliffe (full length)

Derby Way, Bury East (full length including junction with Peel Way)

Pilkington Way And New Road, Radcliffe (Dale Street to Petrol Station on New Road)

Walmersley Road, Ramsbottom (between M66 slip roads)

Bury Bridge, Ring Road West, Bury West (Bolton Street, Jubliee Way, Crostons Road)

Rochdale Old Road, Bury East (Castle Hill Road to Rochdale boundary)

Bolton Road, Radcliffe (Coleridge Drive to Turf Street)

Hall Street, Ramsbottom (Walshaw Hall to High Street)

Heywood Road, Prestwich (Hampden Road to Park View Road)

A56 Manchester Road, Bury (Wellington Road to 50 metres south of Gigg Lane)

Radcliffe Road, Bury East (Warth Bridge to Derby High School entrance)

Local Network Schemes:

Sunny Bank Road, Whitefield (Burndale Drive to Ajax Drive)

Oak Lane, Whitefield (full length)

Sandgate Road, Prestwich (Mount Road to M60 Bridge)

Thatch Leach Lane, Whitefield (full length)

Wood Road Lane, Ramsbottom (Twist Bridge to Higher Wood Farm)

Randale Drive, Whitefield (Sunny Bank Road to Chadderton Drive)

Bass Lane, Ramsbottom (full length)

Alma Street, Radcliffe (Knowles Street to Cemetry Road and Adelphi Street to Cul-De-Sac end)

Woodhill Road, Bury West (Canterbury Drive to Truro Close)

Bury Old Road, Bury West (full length)

Glebelands Road, Prestwich (Heywood Road to Langley Road)

West Avenue, Whitefield (full length)

Lever Street, Radcliffe (full length)

Meadowcroft, Radcliffe (full length)

Albert Street, Ramsbottom (full length)

Monmouth Avenue, Bury East (full length)

James Street North, Radcliffe (full length)

Hillcrest Road, Prestwich (full length)

Tennyson Avenue, Bury East (full length)

Cornwall Drive, Bury East (full length)

Westgate Avenue, Ramsbottom (full length)

Alston Street, Bury West (full length)

Tor Avenue, Ramsbottom (full length)

Townside Row, Bury East (full length)

Harlech Avenue, Prestwich (full length)

Westminster Avenue, Radcliffe (Coronation Road to Holborn Avenue)

Mitchell Street, Bury West (full length)

Stewart Street, Bury West (Tottington Road to Mitchell Street)

Park Road, Prestwich (Sheepfoot Lane to Castle Hill Road)

Mosley Avenue, Bury East (full length)

Buckingham Drive, Bury West (Bolton Road to Windsor Drive)

Moorway, Ramsbottom (full length)

Hastings Road, Prestwich (Orange Hill Road to Bailey Street)

Ravensway, Prestwich (Bury Old Road to 50 metres)

Sandy Meade, Prestwich (Butterstile Road to 50 metres)

Woodbank Drive, Bury West (full length)