A BURY-based artist has been sharing art history with unique recreations of famous paintings - all painted on to her face.

Angel Burns, 39, has used her own style to take people through some of art's most iconic creations, as part of a year-long project that is being collated into a new art history book.

She has reproduced numerous styles from Pop Art and Surrealist styles, including from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol,

Angel said: "Whilst completing this project, I never thought that face painting during the 30-45 minute sessions would instil so much self-confidence and trust in my ability to pursue my art career and publish an art history book with a difference.

"For me, art heals and sparks new growth."

The impressive artwork on the unlikely canvas is something that Angel wanted to attempt in order to do something different.

She added that the experience had been cathartic and a positive step for her own confidence.

Angel said that she has received praise for her work and has enjoyed sharing her creations with people on the internet.

She said: "It has been so interesting to do and the feedback has been very positive.

"The book itself will follow my journey from October to present and how it has helped with my own self-confidence.

"The self-confidence comes from looking at myself and my own face for long periods of time.

"I want to show how art can heal and the things I have learned about the struggles of the artists I have replicated."

Some of Angel's other creations include work by Edvard Munch, Edward Hopper and Francis Bacon.

Angel's art can be found on her Facebook and Instagram social media accounts, where she has been sharing her journey.

Her book is set to be published in September.