A COMMUNITY charity has delivered 60 packages to a care home in Tottington as they sought to recognise the work of staff at the care home and the onsite NHS Nightingale unit

Brandlesholme Community Centre & Foodbank wanted to show their appreciation to the carers at Gorsey Clough Nursing Home, delivering the packages in a surprise visit to the residential home.

Trustees visited the centre last week with the care packages for each of the home's carers, with the gift bags including Lindt chocolates, hygiene products and a small bottle of wine.

Brent James-Pinder, chief officer & chair at the charity, said: "We wanted to do this home in particular because it is home to Bury's only NHS Nightingale unit.

"All the carers and workers have been working hard, but if anyone is going to know about the struggles in the care sector, they will.

"They are right in the thick of it and have been working so hard, even when the Prime Minister has been saying some negative and insulting statements about our heroes.

"They have been risking the well-being of their families for others."

The delivery of 60 packages is the most the centre has done since the pandemic began, following previous deliveries to other care homes in the borough.

The packages and their contents were donated by Carl Enion and his local decorating firm- Carlo Picasso.

Carl said: “While we’re at home staying safe, they are out there fighting an invisible enemy.

"It made me reflect on how fortunate we are to have such selfless carers. Each and every person came together as one to fight Covid.

"My daughter Autumn asked who looks after the carers and nurses. I replied to her to say no one and wasn't sure what else to say.

"She said we should buy them sweets to say thank you. It was shortly after that chat that BCC got in touch and came up with an idea. Straight away I said yes whatever the cost. I though it was meant to be.”

Carl who along with Brent, hand signed each 'thank you' card included in the care packs

The card itself was illustrated by Carl’s four year old daughter - Autumn.

Brent added: "The 60 carers there have had to work harder than ever and we felt that we really had to deliver to this one.

"It was really important for us to be able to cover the home and the Nightingale unit."

Aimee Green, care service manager at the home, expressed her thanks to the charity in a touching email.

She said: "All of the staff are thrilled and so touched that you have reached out to us at this time to remind them that what they do is appreciated by the community.

"Thank you for reaching out to us and supporting us."