A PLANNING application has been submitted which will see extra flooding protection added to the full extent of Hardy's Gate Bridge.

The Environment Agency (EA) warned in its application that any future flooding has the potential to be more significant due to several large residential and commercial developments which are planned within the Irwell floodplain.

The EA's plan is to raise the upstream parapet level along the area by 0.25 metres to provide additional flood protection.

The parapet will be reinforced by dowel bars while the installation of two 30 metre long steel cables spanning the river will increase protection from debris.

The planning application says that the Radcliffe and Redvales area of Bury is subject to "significant flood risk."

It adds: "The primary source of this flood risk is fluvial flooding from the River Irwell.

"On Boxing Day in 2015 the area suffered significant flooding following a period of heavy rainfall in the upper River Irwell catchment.

"Over 700 properties were flooded and this has provided the momentum and justification to reassess the viability of delivering a Flood Risk Management Scheme (FRMS) for the area.

"Despite this flood risk, there are no formal flood defences along the River Irwell around Radcliffe and Redvales."

The EA is working in partnership with Bury Council to design and implement the scheme to improve the flood protection.

The £40 million scheme will be delivered in three parts and will not only reduce the risk of flooding to hundreds of local homes and businesses, but also aim to keep transport routes and infrastructure open during times of flood.

Earlier this year, Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment said: “In the last five years Bury has been hit by two of the worst storms in history, Storm Eva (Boxing Day 2015) and Storm Ciara in February.

"During Storm Ciara, the flood defences installed worked and stopped major flooding in Radcliffe; unfortunately Redvales was flooded as there were no defences yet.

"Bury Council has contributed £2m to these defences with a further £3m partnership funding from the NW Rivers Floods & Coastal Committee.

"In 2018 I led a led a delegation from Bury which successfully lobbied for a further £7m from government to make sure that Bury got the flood defences it needed.”