A MAN has been jailed after he repeatedly harassed a woman in a ‘warped fantasy’, including threatening to petrol bomb her mother’s house.

Ryan John Healey, 30, of Strangford Street, Radcliffe, was jailed for 30 months at Minshull Street Crown Court for incidents last March.

Healey contacted the woman, who had gone to the same secondary school as him 17 years ago, several times over 24 hours.

He also threatened her partner, using racially aggravated language, which led to the man installing letter box covers at both houses to prevent arson attacks.

Prosecutor Eleanor Gleeson said Healey’s offences were “designed to intimidate, harass and distress two innocent members of the public.”

She added: “Mr Healey’s actions seemed to stem from a warped fantasy that he was once romantically involved with one of his victims.”

Healey contacted both the victim and her mother, claiming he was her “first love”.

He also said: “I am arrogant and you need to feed my ego for a second” when the victim asked him to stop.

Healey also told the victim that he had watched the victim’s son and her partner play football.

After asking Healey to stop contacting her, he threatened to “cut her up”. When the victim’s partner spoke to Healey on the phone, he threatened to burn down and petrol bomb the woman’s mother’s house.

In a psychological report, Healey was said to have schizo-affective disorder, major depressive disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and anxiety.

He also had a history which “reflects his clear and entrenched propensity for aggressive, racially abusive and use of particularly obnoxious vocabulary.” He has past convictions for racially-aggravated crimes in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019.

Defending, Joe Rawlins said: “The primary mitigating factor in this is clearly the mental disorders, as his poor emotional control. It is a complex one. He acknowledges his actions and he isn’t belligerent or dismissive of the case - he accepts he is the author of his own misfortune.”

Mr Rawlins said his client had a dependency on alcohol, as well as a history of self-harm.

Judge Sophie McKone said: “For a 24-hour period you made her life hell and she has had to deal with the consequences of that behaviour.

“It was obvious to you - very obvious to you - that she did not want any contact with you whatsoever. She lives in fear not only of her own safety, but the safety of her family.

Healey admitted harassment and sending malicious communications and was also given an indefinite restraining order.