Fire fighters put out several vehicle fires in Bury last night.

At 12.25am the fire service were called to put out a car fire on Hornby Street.

It was suspected that the blaze had been deliberate and the fire spread to a second vehicle.

One fire engine remained at the scene for an hour.

No one was inside the car at the time, but the owners were present when the fire was put out.

Crews then attended a second incident at Hoyles Park Community Centre carpark, where an abandoned van was on fire.

Firefighters put out the blaze within an hour and there were no injuries.

The exact cause of the fire is unknown, but it is also suspected to have been set on fire.

Watch manager Punshon said: "We attended a vehicle fire on Hornby Street at 12.25am, one car was suspected to be set on fire, which then spread to another vehicle.

"The owner of the vehicle was in attendance.

"At 2am we were called to a van on fire which had been abandoned in the carpark of Hoyles Park Community Centre, crews remained at the scene for around an hour for each incident."

The fire service also attended a fire in a back garden at Holme Avenue in Brandlesholme.

A resident had been burning rubbish which then got out of control, but firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze before it could spread to any buildings.

There were no injuries.