LAST week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw was Barbara Aherne.

Barbara accompanied her daughter Bridget to the Made in Bury Business Awards back in 2018.

Bridget was a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year. Barbara purchased a draw ticket at the awards.

Barbara was a tough one to track down. The Made in Bury team first attempted to call Barbara directly but there was no answer.

They did manage to get hold of her daughter Bridget. who was delighted to hear her mum had won the £2,000. She provided the team with Barbara’s place of work so they were able to deliver the good news.

When the Made in Bury team spoke with Barbara she was thrilled to have won the £2,000. The last time Barbara won anything was 43 years ago, back in 1977 in the football pools, scooping up £2,641.10.

Barbara has been back in work for two weeks and during lockdown, she has been doing renovations mainly to the outside of her house. The £2,000 will go towards doing the inside of her house and the end result will look fantastic.

To get involved in the weekly draw, e-mail in the first instance.