A SEA Cadets leader fears for the safety of her youngsters, as drug users have regularly been using their site to feed their addictions.

The unit, in Marsden Street, Bury, has seen its fence broken down, with drug users entering the grounds and sleeping under the portacabins.

The group has had to clean up needles and other drug paraphernalia from the area.

Rachel Longley, the officer in charge at the unit, said that the users are “very aggressive”, which has made communication difficult.

She added: “It started about six months ago when a couple of homeless people managed to get through the fence and smash it to smithereens.

“They will roll under the units and go to sleep after taking their drugs - I have even had a neighbour say to me that they had seen them start a fire.

“The police have been several times but they will just take a look and not do anything.”

There has been a dispute over the fencing situation between the cadet unit and other parties.

There are two fences that divide the grounds from the surrounding area, with the two around six inches apart.

The council has said that the dispute is between those on opposite sides of the fence - the unit and the local Tesco superstore at Woodfields Retail Park.

Rachel said that she now has to pay for both fences - as no-one seems to be claiming responsibility for the second fence.

She added that she has had some funding from the High Sheriff’s Trust, but still needs to make up several hundred pounds for the repairs.

Tesco have been contacted for comment.

Rachel hopes that the issue is resolved soon, so youngsters can return and enjoy their time at the unit in a safe environment.

She said: “We’ve moved all the syringes we can as my cadets were due to come back from lockdown soon. But I have been told I can’t bring them back until the fence is fixed. They are going to miss out on what is left of the summer weather.

“These children need to come back to groups like us to help them get back into society, meet friends and improve their mental health.”

The cadet unit is accepting anyone who will kindly donate to the new fence fund. Rachel can be contacted on 0750 5902951.