A FIRM in Bury has donated a number of self-cleaning door pads for childcare centres to use as they reopen their doors after lockdown.

SDA Systems is retailing a pioneering product which uses nano-crystal technology to ensure that the surfaces retain their self-cleaning properties around the clock.

Bosses say the stick-on pads, which last for 90 days, are laboratory tested to remove contaminants within minutes of contact, including Covid-19.

Following the product's launch, the pads have been installed already in universities, airports and hospitals, according to their officials, and the company has been working hard to keep up with production demands.

Company director Adam Beaumont said: "We’re truly grateful to all every worker on the frontline who are working tirelessly.

"We believe the virus is not going away soon so we need to interrupt transmission as much as possible.

"Having children in daycare we understand the importance they play in allowing life to continue as much as possible.

"Our aim is to start with donating touch surfaces to daycare centres and then move on to primary schools in the town.

"We are encouraging nursery managers and caretakers to get in touch with our team."

The firm also specialises in sensors, which monitor capacities for shops and venues, and push bars and handle wraps, using similar self-cleaning technology.

Other items in their range include proximity alarms and smart screens, which can convey any number of social distancing messages.

The self-cleaning surfaces are available to buy direct from the website at https://sdasystems.co.uk/touchpads/ and those interested in taking part in their childcare promotion can call 0161 408 2219.