A LIMITED new ground capacity for Bury AFC has been challenged with the Football Association by borough MP James Daly.

Mr Daly, who represents Bury North, has written to the FA to ask them to reconsider after the phoenix club was told the initial capacity, when they play at Radcliffe FC's Neuven Stadium, would be just 150.

And this would only rise to a potential maximum of 300 through the season, according to new guidance.

But this would also mean Radcliffe FC, as they play in a higher tier, would be able to welcome 600 supporters to the same venue.

Mr Daly said: "This system would lead to the bizarre situation where two teams who play their home games at the same stadium, such as Radcliffe FC and Bury AFC, being allowed different crowd capacities due to league status.”

He believes the approach being taken by the FA is "not sensible" and should be re-assessed. He has also wrote to Sports Minister Nigel Huddlestone to outline similar concerns.

Phil Young, chairman of Shakers Community, the supporters trust which owns Bury AFC, added: “We are grateful for James’ support and we know he understands what football means to the town of Bury.

"Every fan through the turnstile counts at the level we are playing at. For a new club built and funded by its own supporters we want as many to enjoy watching the team each week as we can safely accommodate.

"We know this means a limit on crowd numbers, and this was a financial burden we were prepared for, but these rules can’t be based on safety when another team will be playing at the same ground with double the crowd size.”

“Given the demand for tickets, it may be safer to let more supporters into the ground where we can manage the situation better. We have already invested money in services to help us manage Covid-19 risks. We think this is an oversight which can easily be corrected and are appealing for common sense to prevail.”

Mr Daly also said: “I am certain that this new obstacle is easily overcome, by allowing clubs to use the capacity of their individual stadiums, (it will) ensure as many loyal fans as possible are able to watch the match live, in-person, supporting their home team.”