Firecrews tackled a vehicle blaze in Whitefield last night after a tow truck was set on fire in what is believed to be an arson attack.

Shortly after midnight, fire fighters were called to Westminster Avenue after a garage owner discovered his tow truck was ablaze.

Fortunately, the vehicle was parked away from his garage and there were no injuries.

The fire was predominately in the cab. The windows had been smashed and petrol was poured in before the vehicle had been set alight.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze after half an hour, and police arrived to investigate the fire.

The quick-thinking owner managed to move a second car out of the area, preventing a larger incident.

Watch manager Tony Wellock said: "It was a large vehicle fire, the windows had been smashed in the cab of the tow truck on the passenger side and they had poured petrol in and ignited it.

"We arrived at 12.03am along with crew from Broughton. Police were also at the scene.

"There was an additional car to the back of the garage and the owner removed that before that got damaged.

"We uses one hose reel and breathing apparatus to put out the fire.

"The tow truck was on the roadside and was not near any buildings.

"The cab was completely damaged in the blaze."

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for more information.