BURY FC owner Steve Dale has compared Bury AFC to "fakes" bought off Bury Market in a not-so-subtle dig at the phoenix club.

However, Bury Market gave a hilarious reply to the remarks made on the club's website.

In a statement slamming imitations and fakes, Mr Dale emphasised the heritage and position of Bury FC.

He said: "They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in my book it’s not, it’s being a fake to fool others.

"Let’s be clear here for the avoidance of doubt as it would seem there are people trying to pass off fakes as the real thing, and spreading ill truths as these trolls do."

Listing several things, in all caps, he said "Bury Football Club founded 1885 - how can you copy that".

Mr Dale then added: "If you go on Bury market, buy a Suit off a stall, go home and sew an Armani label in it, does it make it an Armani suit?

"Or you buy a pair of CALVIN CLINE boxers off another stall, but then there is always the bloke who has a pair of Calvin Klein on when your changing at the gym

"Well theirs (sic) your answer. A fake is a fake, however you package it."

Bury Market decided to reply on Twitter - and they weren't messing around.

They said: "So apparently, Bury FC chairman Steve Dale has published a statement today comparing the new Bury AFC to 'fake boxers' off of Bury Market...

"As you haven't visited Bury often whilst you have been Bury FC's owner, you probably wouldn't know about the wonderful variety of high quality clothes and products on our Market!

"All the best to Bury AFC for this season, we'll be rooting for you!"

The response was met with positivity by Twitter users.

One user called it a "phenomenal response" while another said "Well played Bury Market."

Another user asked: "I don't know who runs your socials but can we get married?"

The market replied in appropriate fashion: "If we can have a giant black pudding instead of a wedding cake, then sure why not?!"