A BURY man is set to appear before magistrates today accused of taking part in an Extinction Rebellion protest in Manchester last December.

Activists glued themselves to concrete slabs along Great Ancoats Street, as part of a co-ordinated campaign also targetting Cranbourn Street in London.

Protesters said the two thoroughfares were among the highest for air pollution levels and they were highlighting 'inaction' over climate change.

In a statement then Extinction Rebellion said they chose to stage the demonstration in Great Anocats Street after 12,000 residents petitioned against plans to build a car park in the area.

Two men and three women were arrested by police following the Manchester demonstration.

Joel Instone, 30, of Greenhill Road, Bury, has been charged with wilfully obstructing the highway on December 9.

He will be joined the dock at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court by Lydia Winter Dibben, 21, Lynwick Street, Horsham, Elizabeth Haughton, 24, of no fixed address, Emma Yvonne Plant, 25, of High Street, Bamby Dun, Doncaster, and Anthony Whitehouse, 68, of West Park Street, Dewsbury.

Seven arrests were made in London on the same day. The protest group also staged a blockade of a News International press in Knowsley last week.