A TEENAGER attacked another youngster in the grounds of a church in Bury before launching a “horrendous” attack on a man in the middle of a shop in Manchester months later, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Zeyn Badat, 18. who was 16 at the time of the first incident and 17 at the time of the second, was part of a gang of youths both times.

The court heard how Badat, of Potter Street, Bury, was with a group of youths in the grounds of Bury Parish Church on April 23, 2019.

Another group passed by and someone familiar with Badat's group stopped to join them for a chat, the court was told.

As the second group attempted to walk away, the youths, including Badat "started to surround and intimidate" the group, according to prosecutor Kevin Donnelly.

Badat then pushed one of the group into the church's grounds, asking him "where's that fancy f***ing watch of yours" before punching and pulling him to the ground.

Two others also took part in the attack.

Mr Donnelly said the incident left the young victim "extremely shook up and afraid to go back into the town centre."

Badat was arrested but released under investigation just over a month later.

On November 14, 2019, Badat took part in what Judge Suzanne Goddard called a "horrendous" attack in the middle of the Wilko's store in the Manchester Arndale.

Badat, along with two others , attacked two men in the store after approaching them.

The altercation began when co-defendant Casey Tighe, 18, of Morecambe Close, Manchester, shouted "Oi" at the two men before asking them where they were from.

After initially being ignored, Badat and Tighe began pestering the two men, with Badat grabbing the hat of one of the victims.

The victim then pushed back, before being pushed and punched to the ground, where his head was then "stamped down on two or three times" by Badat.

Badat then ran away from the scene, with Tighe administering a kick to the head which made the victim "go limp."

The other victim was also attacked by Ryan Lavelle, 20, of Belgrave Road, Oldham. Two hats worth £110 each and two iPhones worth £700 each were taken from the two men.

Defending, Daniel Calder said Badat leaving showed that he had "removed himself from the violence" and had not unleashed a sustained attack.

He added that Badat had had a difficult upbringing, witnessing domestic abuse and had only fallen into criminal circles when he had moved house in 2016.

He also said that Badat was looking to get a job and "cut ties" with the negative influences in his life, after having completed several qualifications while on remand.

Badat had previously pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted robbery and Mr Calder said that Badat was becoming more and more "anxious", as four previous sentencing hearings had failed to come to a conclusion.

His previous convictions include possessing a bladed article, robbery, sending an offensive message and assaulting an emergency worker, all in 2019.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday.