A CON artist has been preying on elderly residents in Bury with the offer of 'cheap' CCTV.

Police say the smartly-dressed trickster has been calling on homes across the borough, offering to fit security systems.

He is telling would-be customers that they can gain access to CCTV for £500 due to 'government grants'.

A Bury Police spokesman said: "He has then made an appointment for the next day but arrived earlier than agreed and refused to give identification or the information of his company before leaving."

Police say the conman is aged in his 40s or 50s, is more than six feet tall and has been wearing a suit.

Resident are being urged to be on the lookout, especially for older relatives, and to report any sightings via 101, the non-emergency number.

Neighbourhood officers say they have also been made aware of an ongoing hot tubs scam operating locally.

Customers are being asked to leave deposits, via online sellers, for hot tubs which are never then delivered.

"The fraudster will tell the victim the hot tub cannot be viewed because of lockdown restrictions," added a police spokesman.

"The fraudster will then cease contact with the victim, meaning the deposit is lost."

Police are working with Action Fraud to raise awareness of the scam.