A TOUCH of 'Genuis' is helping a Bury firm and their customers tackle the coronavirus crisis head on.

Bosses at Genius Products have developed a range of freestanding hand sanitiser units.

And supporters say the roll-out of their aloe vera stations guards against cross contamination issues.

The units can be free standing or bolted to the floor at major touch points throughout any business premises, from cafes and restaurants to retails outlets, pubs, and offices., they are/

Each is operated via a foot pedal and manufactured with anti-bacterial, medical grade paint.

The company is offering the units fully assembled and ready-to-use and includes a one litre sanitiser refill pack.

And the Bury outfit is looking for the same kind of success from another product they are bringing to market - Cloud Cleanse - a portable deep cleansing system.

Dispensing a disinfectant mist, the firm says it can sanitise large or small spaces within minutes.

Jim Wear, company director, said: "This system can ensure that all those hard to reach places, in an enclosed space, are disinfected effectively and is completely safe, with no detrimental effect on people, animals, foodstuffs or fittings.

"It is designed to support regular cleaning regimes, where an effective and rapid solution can be deployed with the minimum of downtime."

The new product's disinfectant is said to be effective against Covid-19 and all SARS-CoV2 infections.

Mr Wear added: "The uniqueness of Cloud Cleanse is not solely down to its sanitising properties but also its remarkable dispersal and safety aspects.

"Unlike most other disinfectants, the active agents within Cloud Cleanse are constructed entirely from trusted ingredients resulting in a highly effective, fast acting and ecologically friendly disinfectant procedure."

The fledgling firm, which is registered at an address at The Rock, was incorporated by Ramsbottom-based Mr Wear in June.