A BURY bar has been shut down by the council for not following "covid-safe" rules.

The Kavern Bar and Venue at The Rock is the first in the borough to be closed due to coronavirus enforcement.

Licensing officers served an immediate closure notice to the venue after a number of visits showed little was being done to follow the guidelines.

Cllr Jane Black, cabinet member for the cultural economy, said: “Pubs, restaurants and others in the hospitality trade have had to implement a wide range of measures to keep customers safe since the lockdown eased.

"Together with the police, our public protection officers have been working closely with licensed premises across the borough – and particularly in Bury town centre - to make sure they are opening safely.

“The majority are taking their responsibilities seriously, and this is the first direction notice that has had to be issued: however, repeated failings mean that action has to be taken against the minority who aren’t doing everything they can.

"Due to the lack of appropriate control being implemented at the Kavern Klub and the disregard of risk and covid secure arrangements demonstrated by premises management, closure of the premises is required to protect public health and limit the spread of coronavirus.”

Warning letters were sent to the owner and management of the bar after customers were seen drinking in large groups with little or no social distancing, and a follow-up visit last weekend showed that "insufficient action" had been taken to remedy this.

Bosses will have to make changes to ensure the council is satisfied that safety standards will be met, preventing any further risk to patrons.

The notice will be reviewed every seven days.

Lesley Jones, Bury’s director of public health, added: “Unfortunately the infection levels for covid-19 have continued to rise rapidly in recent weeks and we have one of the highest levels in the country.

"It is vital that everyone in Bury does their best to stay safe and stop the virus being passed on by washing their hands, not mixing between households, keeping a safe distance from others and wearing a mask in enclosed public places.

"If the virus keeps spreading we are at risk of more lockdowns which none of us want to see.”