IT was a brilliant day when the Made in Bury Team went to surprise Jacqui Majid, last week's winner of the Weekly £2,000 draw.

It has been a lucky couple of years at Connect Comms and they've now scored a hat-trick with their winnings.

Back in January 2019, they won the £2,000 collectively on one of their team tickets. And in May this year the lovely Ella struck lucky with her ticket and won. This time it was operations director Jacqui's turn, so it really has been a family affair.

It just goes to show the more tickets you have in the draw, the more chances you have of winning - the Connect Comms family really are proof of this,

Connect Comms is a family-run business based in Bury that provide innovative telecommunication systems to businesses of all sizes.

Jacqui was flabbergasted when Phil walked into her office on Wednesday afternoon with the cheque.

Jacqui has had to cancel her holiday in Portugal due to quarantine rules but has a weekend in York to look forward to.

Now with the extra spending money she said she'll be going shopping and treating herself, and she may just treat her daughters too.