LAST week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw was Charlotte Banks from Financial Options Group.

Upon finding Charlotte wasn’t working in the office as she was actually on her way to Rhodes, the Made in Bury team decided to give her a phone call to surprise her with the news, in the hope that they would catch her before she boarded her flight!

When Phil called Charlotte, her first words were "I haven't won, stop it!".

Last Wednesday was Charlotte's first day off from work this year and when Phil made the phone call she had literally just landed in Rhodes for her two week Holiday with fiancé Tom.

Their holiday was for Tom's 40th birthday, and had been cancelled three times prior to this.

So now they’ve finally made it, and they have an extra £2,000 to spend on excursions during their time in Greece. Tom will even be getting an extra special birthday present now.

Charlotte has been the head of people and development at FOG for eight years and is a big supporter of the draw. She's even been rounding up her new staff that she's been training and getting them to sign up. For more details on the draw e-mail