A £700K industrial park is to be built on vacant land near a former mill.

Borough planners have approved the construction of six small business units on land next to Lowercroft Road in Bury.

The plans were submitted by the Cornell Group who say the units will be suitable for office and light industry and will bring jobs to the borough.

The site is close to homes on Bowland Close nd Wrigglesworth Close.

Planning consultant Rachel Ford said: “This is a £700,000 investment on a vacant site which will deliver office and light industry floorspace.

“It will provide quality employment and create jobs.

“The units will be ideal for start up and local companies and will be sensitive to the local environment.

“They will not be overbearing or overlook properties and noise will be mitigated and there will be controls on hours of operation.

“They will be built to high quality specification.

Ward councillor Roy Walker said he had strong objections to the proposals

He said: “Traffic there is a problem with speeding traffic on this busy major road.

“It cuts through from Tottington to Radcliffe with vehicles coming down steep hill at speed and accelerating up the hill towards Walshaw.

“Vehicles leaving the new build access just as a car or a lorry is coming up the hill is a recipe for accidents.

“Over the past years thousands of houses have been built in this area on all sides.

“It’s now a residential area. Gisburn Drive Whitecroft Drive, Mitton Close and Clitheroe Drive are all in close proximity.

“For 30 years I’ve been trying to get a plan for this part of Bury to designate this area for houses.”

David Gilbin, head of engineering at Bury Council told councillors about accident figures on that stretch of road.

He said: “In the last three years this stretch has seen one recorded incident where police attended.

“That was related to chase of a stolen vehicle so that was out of the ordinary.

“There is nothing dramatic happening regarding speeding.

“Going down the hill visibility is in excess of 120 metres and the speed limit 30mph.”

Cllr James Mason, from Radcliffe First, said he would like to see development of the site as residential not industrial.

A majority of the planning committee voted in favour of the proposals and approved the application.