FOREVER Bury has said that “one almighty push” is needed as it seeks to restore football at Gigg Lane by becoming a fan-owned club.

The group, set up with the aim of keeping Bury FC alive and kicking in 2002, has been given the opportunity to buy the club and help restore it to its former glory.

But the amount needed is quite the mountain to climb for the supporters and volunteers from the group - a cool £2.5m.

In a statement, Forever Bury said: “I’m sure we can all admit it has been a harrowing 18 months for everyone connected with Bury Football Club.

"But finally after an endless amount of meetings, phone calls and negotiations, Forever Bury have been given the opportunity to purchase the club and return it to its former glory as a fan owned club which we all have been dreaming about.

“Since May 2019 our loyal supporters have been left wondering if they will ever see the famous colours of the two-time FA Cup winners step out onto the hallowed turf of Gigg Lane. Again, after some sterling work by many volunteers and industry professionals, we are now close to fulfilling the dreams of our fans.”

However, the group said that they cannot do it alone and they “desperately” need the help of the footballing community around the world.

They added: “It is imperative now we focus all our attentions to this and give it one almighty push. To us this is the greatest football club in the land but we are just another clubs supporters as there are so many out there thinking the same. We are all in it together.”

The group is now asking supporters to help spread the appeal around the world.

They are also asking fans to spread the fund building link and help meet the various deadlines that have been set with a number of parties.

The group says the aim is to provide an update at least once a week, as well as welcoming questions or feedback.

Citing the recent Premier League decision to introduce pay-per-view matches, Forever Bury said if just a small amount of those who decided to buy a match diverted their cash, the 135-year-old club could be saved.

It was recently announced non-TV fixtures in October will be made available via pay-per-view.

A Forever Bury spokesman added: “The harsh reality of modern football is if just 200,000 football fans didn’t subscribe to Sky’s first PPV TV game and donated to this cause, then it would be enough for the two time F.A Cup winners to start playing football again.”

In order to donate to the Forever Bury fighting fund, visit online and search for ‘Gigg Lane’.