An 18-year-old man had to be helped by firefighters after he got his leg stuck in setting concrete while involved with construction work.

Firecrews were called to a residential address in Walmersley, where an extension was being built, to help break the man free.

The man's leg became stuck as the concrete was fast-setting, his colleagues tried to get him out to no avail so the fire service was called out to the incident on Friday evening at 5pm.

Firefighters used water jets to dislodge the concrete and their hands to help dig out the man.

The ambulance service did attend however the man declined hospital treatment and did not suffer any injuries, although he was advised by the fire crews that there was a risk of burns due to the lime content.

Crew manager Dunham said: "We were called to an 18-year-old male whose leg became stuck in setting concrete at a property in Walmersley.

"His work mates couldn't get him out so they called the fire service. We had to use hose reels to loosen the concrete, the suction was that intense that he couldn't get his leg out at all.

"He was stuck for about 45 minutes to an hour. The firefighters got in the trench to help move the concrete themselves and used the jets to get him out of the concrete.

"It was touch and go at one point, if the concrete had set then it would've been a very difficult situation.

"The ambulance service did arrive and assessed him but he declined hospital treatment. We did advise him that the lime in the concrete can cause burns.

"Our advice is to not stand still for too long in setting concrete because it can catch you out."