A CAT lover from Tottington has written her first novel inspired by a stray she adopted seven years ago.

Lorraine Schofield released Toby’s Tale: The Adventures of a Feisty Feline after she spent a year jotting down ideas inspired by her cat Toby.

The book follows Toby on his adventures after he gets separated from his owner and ends up roaming the streets of Bury.

It’s the life that Lorraine imagine Toby might have had before she adopted him from Pets in Need in 2013.

Lorraine said: “In the story Toby’s owner has had to go into a home so he finds himself out on the streets and he has to fend for himself.

“He goes on a bit of an adventure and at one point he gets hit by a car, but overall it’s a feel good story and there’s a happy ending.

“I wrote the book chapter by chapter over several months. I regularly write for a cat magazine and also for historical publications, but this has been my first time writing fiction.

“I actually really enjoyed it and I would love to try it again, in fact I’m taking part in a children’s fiction course at the moment. The book is probably aimed at children, but any cat lover will enjoy it.”

Lorraine is a tutor specialising in English and history, but she’s had a passion for cats all her life.

She said: “My dad gave me my first cat when I was 11 and I’ve had them ever since. I wasn’t even meant to adopt Toby but as soon as I saw him I knew I was meant to have him.

“He’s a rather timid cat but he does love to explore outdoors, he’s always going hunting and sometimes brings me presents - which aren’t always welcome. I think with my next book I would like to bring in the history side of things too.”