A NEW broadcaster has hit the airwaves in Bury - and is on the lookout for on-air talent.

Supporters of Project 29, in Moorgate, have achieved a long-held dream of transmitting via 1566 medium wave and online.

And despite the pandemic Salaam Bury Community Radio is looking to branch out.

Ian Fenn, the station's spokesman, said: "We aim to train six volunteers over a three-month period in all aspects of broadcasting.

"This means we can offer media training to 24 volunteers from our local communities in a year, upon completing their training they will be job ready for employment in this field."

Those interested in the opportunity, including industry placements, are being asked to e-mail info@project29.org.uk or call the project on 0161 221 9872 for more details.

Mr Fenn said that two of their supporters already work as professional actors and can offer their experiences for would-be candidates.

The initiative has moved forward after a local businessman, who declined to be named, offered to site the station's broadcast antennae on his land.

"In these times of isolation and lockdowns we at Salaam Bury Community Radio will play our part and be the link between communities across the borough and beyond," added Mr Fenn.

"Uniquely we also provide access to the Asian listener community across Greater Manchester.

"We all have a role to play helping the NHS and local government during this crisis and we provide access for community groups and other voluntary groups to engage with hard-to-reach communities."

He is also hopeful, as has occurred previously with restricted licence transmissions, that the station will be able to offer work experience for local college students.

Mr Fenn has thanked councillors and the borough's MPs for their assistance in ensuring their latest run has come to fruition.