A THUG who attacked a defenceless baby leaving her with fatal injuries likened to being in a car crash has been found guilty of her murder.

Following a three week trial a jury at Manchester Crown Court took just five hours to unanimously find 20-year-old Jamie Chadwick guilty of murdering his partner’s one-year-old daughter Orianna Crilly-Cifrova.

Orianna suffered multiple skull fractures consistent being swung against a wall, stamped on or hit with a blunt at the flat they shared in Cross Lane, Radcliffe.

Orianna’s mother Chelsea Crilly, aged 20, of Warwick Road, Atherton, is accused of causing or allowing the death of a child and the jury are still considering a verdict in her case.

The court had heard evidence that the baby had also suffered other injuries, including a fractured ribs and spine at least two days before Chadwick’s final attack on her on October 16 last year.

Crilly had repeatedly been warned about the risk posed by Jamie Chadwick, who was under investigation after another woman's baby was injured in July 2018.

She began a relationship with Chadwick in early 2019 and was aware of the inquiries, but repeatedly lied to social workers and police, claiming he had no contact with her child.

Chadwick even hid under a bed when social workers visited the flat in Cross Lane, Radcliffe, which they shared with his sister, Aysha Muhammed.

Giving evidence Crilly claimed she lied because, at the time, she did not believe Chadwick would harm the child.

The court heard that that evening of October 15 the couple drank vodka and took cocaine and cannabis while Aysha sat on the sofa looking after the baby.

The next day Crilly accompanied Aysha to the health centre, leaving Orianna with Chadwick because she was sleeping.

Chadwick later told police that he was sitting on the toilet when Orianna crawled towards him and fell down steps.

In court he changed his story, claiming Crilly told him what to say. He alleged he had seen her kicking the child and decided to take the blame to protect her.

Orianna died at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital the following day with Crilly continuing to lie about Chadwick's involvement with her daughter.

Chadwick denied murder and Crilly, aged 20, of Warwick Road, Atherton, has pleaded not guilty to causing or allowing the death of a child.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday and Chadwick, aged 22, will be sentenced at its conclusion.