A DRIVER accused of causing the death of a popular Radcliffe FC photographer by not paying proper attention on the M60 has been found not guilty.

Peter Lee was travelling home with his two daughters and friends from a midweek game with Ashton FC when the silver Toyota he was in was struck by a white transit van.

The photographer, who had worked for the club for two years, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mohammed Abushiba, the driver of the van, had been on trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Jurors had been sent out on Friday to give their verdict on the events of December 16, 2018, at junction 16 on the M60.

Abusbiba, 50, was accused of having not seen signs indicating traffic was to move left hand because of roadworks ahead.

Factors which were ruled out of causing the crash included faults in the vehicles or the road surface.

Stephen Rollason, the Toyota’s driver, told the court he recalled seeing headlights behind him and saying “bloody hell we are going to get hit.”

But Abusbiba, of Cardinal Street, Cheetham Hill,at times moved to tears during the trial, claimed a car came beside his van and the occupants made gestures at him. He then moved towards him, causing him to have to move and making the collision with the Toyota unavoidable.

The jury found him not guilty of causing death by careless driving.