A SERIAL offender from Bury is back behind bars after brandishing a combat knife and threatening to cut open his cousin - who had just congratulated him for getting clean of drugs.

Ben Long was on his way to up a takeaway in the evening when he sent a message to congratulate relative Anthony Long. Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court was told.

But instead of being grateful for the kind remarks he was phoned and told to “stay out of his business” and told he would open him up, the court heard.

Ben Long returned to the address he had been at with the takeaway food.

But his cousin rang an occupant where he delivered foul abuse, directed at Ben, and said he would make him fear for his life.

Later on Ben returned home with his partner and 10-year-old son only to be phoned by his cousin to be told he was at the bottom of the road, the court heard.

He did not believe the threats so took his family in the car address his relative on Brandleshome Road, the court was told.

His partner drove past Anthony Long and then turned around only for Long to run at the car armed with a combat knife.

He slashed at the driver’s side only to realise his target was on the other side so struck the rear window where the young boy was sat.

He was so terrified he kept counting to 10 to block out the fear.

Ben then fled to his mother’s house and police were called that night, the court was told.

Anthony Long was picked up two days later at his address on Bronte Avenue in Bury and arrested.

But the six-inch long combat knife was never found.

He confessed to using threatening behaviour and possession of a knife on September 12 at a plea and directions hearing held earlier this year.

The court heard he had 27 previous convictions for criminal damage, public disorder, robbery and possession of weapons in 2002 and 2017 and had spent a short period in prison earlier this year.

Representing the 39-year-old, defence lawyer Samayra Ashraf asked for her client to be given a suspended sentence despite his record and the severity of the offence.

She said: “The defence has to concede this is a serious case.

“The defendant wishes to go back to some sense of normality, to go back on the straight and narrow.

“He is genuinely remorseful for his actions.

“I do not know whether you can step back and impose a suspended sentence.”

Judge Maurice Green refused this suggestion.

He said: “There are aggravating features here in that you are 39 with 27 convictions for 66 offences.

“Having a bladed article is a serious offence

“I have come to the conclusion the seriousness of this particular case means the only particular punishment must be custody.”

He jailed him for 16 months.