A NURSE who have an injection of morphine instead of adrenaline at Fairfield General has been struck off - nine years on.

Patricia Rubb was a staff nurse at the Bury hospital when the incident occurred in May 2011, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) was told.

And on a ward round one afternoon she administered an infusion of morphine, instead of noradrenaline to an individual named only as Patient A, a fitness to practice review heard.

The nursing watchdog then found Rubb, who had given more than the usual prescribed dose of morphine in any event, had failed to ensure Patient A was checked on by another member of staff.

Furthermore the nurse had failed to ensure there was clear and visible labelling of the drug being given to the patient.

Rubb also neglected to keep Patient A under appropriate observation around this time.

She was also said to have prepared a 50ml morphine syringe in advance of it being required and without replacing the line, the regulator was told.

An initial hearing took place in 2013, when the matters were found proved, and Rubb served a 12-month suspension.

Later a review hearing ruled that she could return to practice, with conditions restricting her work. This order was extended on at least four subsequent occasions, the last of which was June 2019.

As the final order was due to expire on December 16, a fresh NMC panel was convened to consider Rubb's case.

Jessica Bass, for the NMC, said one of the requirements on Rubb was to complete a return to practice course, which she had failed to carry out.

The nurse had finished a selection of mandatory online training and embarked on a 'medication' course, for which there was little corroborating detail, the panel was told.

Ms Bass said there had "not been sufficient progress" made by Rubb, who had not worked since 2011, since the last review.

Rubb said she had been working as a carer with an agency after being dismissed from her last hospital post in December 2019 and would "love to get back to nursing practice"

Panel chairman Anthony Kanutin, ordering her to be struck off, said: " You indicated that you would be undertaking a return to practice course, and have failed to apply for any places to date, despite being told by the last two previous occasions that a strike-off order was likely to be considered.

"You have not provided any testimonials from your current place of work, evidence of journals read, or provided a reflection on past events."