COUNCIL bosses have confirmed they will be deferring a vote on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to give more time for the plan to be finalised.

Stockport Council voted to postpone a decision on the controversial jobs and homes framework earlier this week.

And Radcliffe councillor Rhyse Cathcart indicated he would vote against the plans.

But now a decision by Bury Council, due to be taken tonight, has also been delayed.

Cllr Eamonn O’Brien, council leader, said: “We have been watching discussions in Stockport closely and it is clear, as things stand right now, the GMSF would not be approved by their full council meeting.

"If Stockport votes against, the GMSF cannot go forward to consultation. Any decisions taken by Bury to proceed would be impacted by Stockport's decision. So the only sensible thing to do at this stage is to pause our decision-making."