THE Fall has announced a new live album which will raise money for a homeless charity.

The Fall – Live at St. Helens Technical College, ’81 will be released on vinyl on February 19, almost to the day of the gig's 40th anniversary.

Half of all proceeds from the release will be donated to Centrepoint - a charity which provides accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16–25.

The recording features one of the band's classic line ups featuring brothers Stephen Hanley and Paul Hanley on bass and drums, and guitarists Marc Riley and Craig Scanlon.

The Fall were formed in Prestwich in 1976 by vocalist Mark E Smith who would lead the band for over 40 years until his death in 2016 aged 60.

The live recording of the show was discovered by Riley, who is now a BBC Radio 6 Music presenter.

He said: "I stumbled upon the link to the recording of the St Helens Technical College gig on Twitter. I started to listen and recognised it as one of the better sound-board recordings I’d ever heard.

"I believe (from a mate who is armed with a functioning memory and was there on the night) the gig was poorly attended. So much so that the promoter attempted to pull our fee…which resulted in him being pushed to the floor by our manager Kay Carrol. Sounds about right."

The record will be released by Osees frontman John Dwyer through his Castle Face Records.

He said: "I’ve had the pleasure of being a Fall fan since I was a teen. Once I heard my first slanted and barky Fall song, I was part of the army for life.

"So, it is with great pleasure that we introduce this Fall bootleg soundboard recording to you. Recorded during one of the many strong points in the bands vast and mighty history. They really burn bright here and bring every ounce of what you expect from this formidable force. We have reached out to every surviving member of the band, the sound person, the bootlegger who recorded it and the photographer and received their blessings and help piecing it all together.

"Castle Face will be donating 50% of our profits to Centrepoint which helps the homeless in the Manchester area get back on their feet, so the local and deserving Fall fans get a little, and give a little back, too.

"Nothing but the hits here folks and as raw as you dig it. This one really is exceptional in terms of live sound for The Fall. All the stars were aligned over St. Helens that eve."