A PENSIONER who repeatedly drove on the motorway at speeds of more than 100mph has been banned from the roads for six months.

Manchester magistrates heard how Paul Dewhurst, aged 68, of Sandringham Drive, Tottington, was recorded driving an Audi A8 between junctions 19 and 20 at 97mph on the Eastbound carriageway of the M62 on March 24 last year and then at 98mph in the same place the following day and 104mph on March 26.

At the same location he drove the vehicle at 109mph on April 1 and then twice on the westbound carriageway at 102mph and 97mph.

As well as the driving ban Dewhurst, who pleaded guilty to committing the offences, was fined a total of £320 plus £117 in costs and charges.