LEAFLETS that share Covid-19 conspiracy theories have been posted through Bury residents’ doors.

The leaflets, which question the legitimacy of the disease and accompanying advice from the Government, have prompted an angry response from Bury Council leader Eamonn O’Brien who described them as “incredibly irresponsible”.

Other residents have called the leaflets, delivered across Prestwich, “conspiracy theory trash”.

“We are not being told the full facts by the government or the NHS about Covid-19,” the leaflet starts.

“There are many examples through history of the government and media misleading the people in order to push through an agenda.”

On the leaflets, the author(s) claim figures on Covid-19 deaths “are no higher this year than in a bad ‘flu season” and suggest “Covid-19 is being put on death certificates fraudulently”.

It reads: “The Government and its representatives in the NHS and media and misrepresenting the facts in order to create the illusion of an unprecedented deadly pandemic, and using that illusion to justify extreme ‘lockdown’ measures.”

The leaflet then describes how issues such as suicide, substance abuse and domestic abuse have “soared” this year.

“Lockdown measures are ruining lives not saving them, and the situation is on course to get very much worse - unless we act together,” it says.

The flyer does not elaborate on why the author(s) believes the public is being misled, calling it “a very good question” and says it would take a more detailed response than the leaflet could provide.

Cllr O’Brien urged residents to contact police if they received one of the leaflets.

He said: “I have been made aware of leaflets being delivered in our borough that are designed to mimic official guidance and spread dangerous misinformation about Covid and lockdown measures.

“This is simply not acceptable. The police will be informed and so anyone with information should get in contact with the police to help us stop this incredibly irresponsible and dangerous behaviour.

“Deliberate misinformation around Covid costs lives and puts our NHS at even greater risk.

"It must not go unchallenged.”