POLICE officers have spoken of their disbelief after pulling over a driver whose windscreen was covered with snow.

Officers from GMP Bury South's Radcliffe area team took to Facebook to highlight the incident which happened on Saturday (January 23).

"I cannot believe I am having to type this," wrote the officer. "Please make sure that you remove snow from your windscreen before setting off for your journey.

Bury Times: Police officers stopped this vehicle after spotting it driving with snow covering its windscreen

"This driver decided not to and has been pulled over. Officers have helped the driver clear his windscreen and issued a ticket for the pleasure.

"In all seriousness, it is clear to see how dangerous driving a car whilst not being able to see out of the windscreen would be.. please don't kill yourself or others for the sake of waiting five minutes to defrost a car."

It was a busy night for the team who stopped another driver for speeding along Bolton Road.

"This road has a large number of houses lining it and such speeds put our residents at risk," wrote the team. "Officers have pulled the van over and found it has got no insurance and no MOT.

"The vehicle has been seized and the driver will be going to court to answer for their actions.

10 minutes later the same officers stopped a vehicle which had previously been driven by someone without a driving license.

Officers pulled the vehicle over and found it to be being driven by the same person without a license.

Yet again, the vehicle was seized and the driver will be appearing in court.