UK retail chain Marks and Spencer has sparked huge debate from customers after releasing a controversial item ahead of pancake day 2021.

M&S’s popular snack for shoppers with a sweet tooth, Percy Pigs, are a favourite among consumers but it seems the retail giant may have gone a “step too far” with their latest creation.

Ahead of pancake day, M&S have released Percy Pig pancakes, bright pink in colour and filled with jelly pieces.

NewsFoodUK posted on Facebook: "NEW PERCY PRODUCT ALERT. Percy Pig Pancakes! WOW! These are super delicious!

"Buttermilk pancakes made with Percy Pig dessert sauce, with apple & raspberry jelly pieces - these have a beautiful fruity taste!

"We love the jelly pieces & sauce in these pancakes - perfect heated up! These are genius!"

🚨NEW PERCY PRODUCT ALERT 🐽 Percy Pig Pancakes! 🥞🐷 WOW! These are super delicious! Buttermilk pancakes made with Percy...

Posted by Newfoodsuk on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It’s fair to say the new product has sparked a mixed reaction from shoppers with the post being shared over 2,000 times and attracting over 14,000 comments.

One Facebook user branded it a “step too far” while another said: “I’m sorry but they look absolutely vile”.

Another user joked: “The devil works hard, but the Percy Pig product development team work harder.”

Another asked: “These make me gag, when will they stop trying so hard?”

But it seems Percy Pig Pancakes have gone down a hit with others.

One mum wrote: “OMG…Which of my favourite children will earn some extra brownie points by delivering these to me????”

“Like the look of these,” said one shopper while another wrote: “Goodness how wonderful! I know two little granddaughters who will be VERY happy to have these!”

Marks & Spencer food halls have remained open during lockdown as an essential retailer meaning you will be able to pick them up on during your weekly food shop amid lockdown restrictions.

Percy Pig Pancakes are available in M&S stores now and a pack of four will cost you £1.60.