AN Indian restaurant in the heart of Holcombe Village has applied to build an extension at the back of its building.

Mala Cuisine Ltd, who are based in the heart of the conservation area of the village wish to build a two storey rear extension with timber cladding which will primarily be used for a storage area.

Bury Council considers the building a on-designated heritage asset and to the south are three-storey stone cottages which are grade II listed.

At the back is Higher House and its grounds, a grade II listed building and opposite is the Shoulder of Mutton Pub, which is also of listed status.

Running along the rear of the site is Moor Road, which is  a cobbled bridleway.

The restaurant has proposed to remove and replace the roof of the existing rear storeroom and extend on top of this to create a watertight area for the storage of logs used in association with the restaurant, which has been established in the village since 2001.

Five objections were received by the council during a neighbour consultation.

Among the issues raised were claims that ‘the land is not owned by the applicant and is common land’, that the extension would restrict access by the fire brigade and any extension would be within 25 yards of three grade II

listed buildings and would need listed building consent.

Other claims include ‘it would alter views which have existed for over 250 years’.

Bury’s conservation officer stated in the a report to the planning committee: “There would be no indivisibility between the proposal and listed buildings on Holcombe Village.

“I believe listed building consent would be required.”

Representations from nearby Higher House said the plans would be ‘detrimental to the conservation area’.

Planning officers have recommended councillors approve the plans.

The decision is set to be made at planning committee today, Tuesday.