BOGUS workers believed to be from two different crime operations are targeting Bury residents in their homes.

Reports have been made of men knocking on people's homes in Tottington and offering jet wash services and maintenance work and are doing their best to persuade residents to have the proposed jobs done.

And in Prestwich, men are posing as staff from a utility company and explaining that they need to go inside residents' homes.

In these cases, one of the men distracts the occupant while another steals items as part of a distraction burglary tactic.

A Bury police spokesman said: "We have had numerous reports of male bogus officials working in the Bury area, especially in Prestwich and Tottington

"They have different methods of approach so we believe they are not linked and are two separate teams.

"Tottington offenders are offering jet wash services and maintenance work and are being quite insistent.

"Prestwich offenders are claiming to be from a utility company and require access to the home, while one keeps the occupier engaged the other then carries out the burglary.

"Please be aware of persons calling at your address and also make all vulnerable neighbours and relatives aware."

If you suspect anything contact police on 101 or phone the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.