EMERGENCY services are urging people to report suspicious behaviour after Radcliffe shops were targeted by a bogus fireman on Monday.

Michael Norfolk, whose wife owns Kung’s Mini Market in Radcliffe, says a man wearing a fireman’s uniform entered the shop on Tuesday afternoon.

He claimed to be carrying out a routine inspection.

And he was said to be carrying a fake photo identification and a 'health and safety' file.

Michael told The Bolton News “He requested entry into the house at the back of the shop to check we were fire compliant.

“It was at this point my wife called me and I told her to pass him on the phone.

“He was adamant that the fire brigade had sent him to do this inspection.

“I then called the fire brigade to verify his story, who told me he must be bogus as they wouldn’t send an inspector out in the current environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

According to Mr Norfolk, the man also targeted an Asian supermarket on the same street, which ended up paying £300 for the scam safety checks.

“He came in a van that said it was a catering service,” Mike added.

“I phoned the number on the side of the van and asked to speak to the manager but I was told they were unavailable.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We can confirm this was not a genuine officer.

“GMFRS is working with Greater Manchester Police in regard to this incident and we urge people to please report any suspicious behaviour to them.

“We also remind people that GMFRS staff members wear identification badges, with pictures, and carry warrant cards that people can ask to look at.”

A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) spokesman added: “On Monday 15 February 2021 officers received a report of suspicious activity on Radcliffe Road, Bury.

“Initial enquiries have established a man had entered a store purporting to be a fire safety officer offering to carry out fire safety checks. When challenged, the man quickly left the store.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”