THE millionaire owner of electrical goods giants has applied for planing permission to build an office at his 40-acre home.

John Roberts hopes to build the single storey building on green belt land at Hawkshaw Hall, a former farm close to the village of Hawkshaw, which has been converted into a luxury family dwelling.

Mr Roberts, whose wealth was estimated at £210m in 2019, said in the application to Bury Council, that the oak framed home office will have slate tiles are proposed along with a mix of natural random stone and timber doors.

In 2019, planning permission was granted for the installation of an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, fire pit and relocation of an existing timber BBQ hut.

"Whilst the proposed office would not be physically attached to the dwelling it would still be in close proximity to it, separated from the main house by nine metres," read the application. "As a result, it would still be read as an extension and would fulfil the purpose of providing extended domestic space to serve an existing dwelling house."

A permanent caravan currently sits on the area where the proposed building will be situated with Mr Roberts confirming the caravan would be sold if his application is successful.

"The applicant is the CEO of a prosperous international business (AO.Com), and the separate office space will allow the applicant to efficiently operate away from the noise and activity within the main family dwelling," added the application. "This need has been exacerbated by Covid-19 and the need to work from home and also with the applicant’s children being schooled at home during periods of isolation and lockdown.

"However it will also be necessary as restrictions lift as it will enable the CEO of this prosperous company, a quiet place to work. The need for the separate office space can not be underestimated, as it is critical to the future of a locally based and very successful business. The company employs nearly 5,000 people of which 1,500 live in Greater Manchester and 100 in Bury."