A CAT has turned Easter Bunny after helping to collect more than 1,000 chocolate eggs for patients and staff at Bury’s Fairfield General Hospital.

Spritzer is one of a number of rescue cats owned by Heléna Abrahams, who lives in the grounds of the hospital.

But after going missing one day five years ago, Spritzer was found wandering around the hospital’s mental health unit where she had become a firm favourite of the patients.

“Spritzer had almost become part of their therapy,” said Heléna. “All the staff and cleaners knew her too and the patients would wave her goodbye each evening when I came to collect her.

“She spends the day there and is safe and we’ve seen people with very bad mental health problems post on Facebook about how she has helped them get through the day.”

Spritzer soon became a hit on social media after Heléna fitted her with a tracker allowing thousands of cat lovers across the world to follow her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

She has even inspired two books and Heléna is now using her fame to collect Easter eggs to give to the hospital by asking her followers to generously donate a chocolate treat or two.

Heléna added: “Every year she asks all her followers to donate Easter eggs and each year it’s got bigger and bigger.

“We have Tesco Bury, Poundland Bury and Morrison’s in Heywood all supporting the campaign and they all have trolleys in store for customers to donate eggs. This year we have collected over 1,000 and will be delivering them to the mental health unit on Good Friday. As many eggs as we can drop off the more people we can make smile.”

For more information on Spritzer and her Easter Egg Challenge search for Spritzer Abrahams on Facebook.