A TELECOMMUNICATIONS company has re-entered a planning application to build a phone mast in Bury.

Three UK's original bid to construct the mast on Bury Old Road in Kirkhams was rejected in October last year after it was decided it would be "seriously detrimental to the residential amenities currently enjoyed by the occupiers of the nearby dwelling houses, by reason of its size, scale and position"

The new application has reduced the height of the proposed equipment from 20 metres to 15 metres in the hope that it will now be approved.

Sedgley Park Community Primary School is located within 200 metres of the proposed site.

"This application robustly addresses these reasons for refusal by reducing the height of the proposed equipment from 20m to 15m," read the application submitted to Bury Council's planning department.

"Three are in the process of building out the UK’s fastest 5G network. Three has 140MHz of 5G

spectrum (and 100MHz of it contiguous), which means our service will be much faster and able

to handle more data. To bring this new technology to the people H3G will need to provide a mix

of upgrades to existing sites and the building of new sites. New sites will be needed for many

reasons, including that the higher radio frequencies used for 5G do not travel as far as those

frequencies currently in use and that sometimes not all existing sites can be upgraded. In this

area there is an acute need for a new mast to deliver the above.

"The site selection process has also been influenced by the numerous vertical elements of

street furniture distributed around the vicinity of the site including street lighting columns. The

height of the pole has been kept down to the absolute minimum capable of providing the

required essential new 5G coverage. The site has been selected on a wide adopted area of the

highway in a position that will not impede pedestrian flow or the safety of passing motorists."

The application will be decided on by Bury’s planning committee at a date to be decided.