A MOTORCYCLE rider who had no licence used his father's details to try and fool police when he was stopped for speeding.

Bolton magistrates heard how Barry Hallam, aged 38, was riding a Kawasaki KLX motorbike just before midnight on September 2 last year when police caught him doing 50mph in a 30mph limit on Bury Road, Breightmet.

Hallam a produced a compulsory bike test certificate showing a provisional driving licence number. But when he later officially applied for a provisional licence police realised he did not have one at the time of the offence.

Karen Hall, defending, said Hallam had planned to get the correct documentation for riding a motorcycle but became "overwhelmed" when he was offered a job and needed to use the motorbike to get there.

He did not have a provisional licence and so put his father's details onto a compulsory basic training (CBT) document which he showed to police.

"He accepts it was a very foolish thing to do," said Ms Hall.

"He had got a previous job where his employer was taking him and bringing him back and his employer had moved and he just felt overwhelmed.

"He was living with his dad, he has two small children, his wife was begging for money and he felt he that he didn't really have any alternative."

Ms Hall added that Hallam has now obtained his provisional licence, plans to sit the CBT test and is hoping to start work soon.

"He is eager to do this in the correct manner," she added.

Hallam, aged 38, of Nuttall Mews, Whitefield, pleaded guilty to speeding, riding without a licence and obstructing police.

The court heard that he has previous convictions for assault, criminal damage and drugs offences.

For the latest offences magistrates fined him £130 and added six penalty points to his licence. He was also ordered to pay £119 in costs and charges.