BURY South MP Christian Wakeford has confirmed he will step down as a Lancashire County Councillor at the forthcoming local elections.

Mr Wakeford was elected to the seat at 2019’s General Election, while still a county councillor for Pendle Hill in Lancashire, a seat he has held since 2013.

He said: “At the local elections next month I will be stepping down from my role as a Lancashire County Councillor. I wish my successor well in representing the people of Pendle Hill division.

“Whilst I has hoped this could take place last year, with by-elections cancelled this would have left the place I grew up and went to school in without representation.

“I have hugely enjoyed my time in local government enabling me to truly have an impact on many of the hyper local issues that matter to residents.

“My experience as Chair of the Education Scrutiny Committee has stood me in good stead for my work on the Education Select Committee in Parliament. Importantly the experience gained has helped me with my campaign for a new high school for Radcliffe.”

Mr Wakeford did face criticism following a meeting of the full council in February 2020, where he told members that he would be “hanging up his coat” now that he had secured a spot on the green benches at Westminster.

Prior to the lockdown, Mr Wakeford was also serving as chair of the authority’s education scrutiny committee, but he resigned from that role, which attracts a special responsibility allowance of £7,620 per year in addition to the basic annual allowance of £10,675 payable to all county councillors.

Mr Wakeford's fellow Bury MP James Daly also confirmed this week he would step down from his role as councillor of North Manor ward on Bury Council.