A POLICE officer stopped an off-road biker from fleeing after crashing into the back of a car.

Officers say the local officer happened to be on the scene and stopped the rider from getting away.

The crash happened today on Bolton Road, Radcliffe.

Officers say the biker had no insurance or licence.

Now police are urging those with off-road bikes to use them legally and off-road ­— or risk the bikes being destroyed.

The biker was arrested following the smash and his bike seized to be destroyed.

A spokesman for GMP Bury North said: "Today an unfortunate member of the public has fallen foul of someone who thought that the road was their plaything,

"A rider using an off road bike without insurance or a licence has been riding along Bolton Road, Radcliffe and hasn't paid attention to the road in front of him.

"He has crashed into the back of an innocent man who was driving his car out for a birthday treat.

"This is completely and wholly unacceptable.

"Fortunately there was one of the Radcliffe Area police team just behind to stop the rider from trying to ride away and arrest the rider and seize the bike.

"The bike has now been seized under Section 165A Road Traffic Act which means that the bike will now be crushed.

"The rider will also have to answer to a criminal court for his actions."

Te spokesman added: "I must make clear it is not the police's intent to stop off road biking when it is done legitimately and lawfully. "Personally I am a big fan and enjoy bikes in a lawful manner.

"Secondly, if you want to use an offroad bike then make sure you use it off road.

"As the weather warms up I know the temptation will be to take your off road bikes out for a spin. Make sure you use a van to transport the bikes to a designated riding track or field with permission of the land owner or you too will be liable for your pride and joy to be crushed."