FIREFIGHTERS were called to a chimney fire in Ainsworth this evening caused by the build up of soot.

Crews from Bury and Bolton North were mobilised to a farmhouse at 8.20pm.

Fortunately crews managed to contain the blaze and firefighters are now urging people to ensure their chimneys are cleaned to stop fires from breaking out.

Watch Manager Rick Taylor said: "We have been called to a number of these fires recently and would urged people to ensure their chimney are cleaned to stop soot from building up."

Crews were on the scene for an hour.

The fire service advice is:

Have the chimney swept before lighting the first fire of winter

Don't allow soot or ash to build up

Inspect your chimney breast, particularly in the roof space. Make sure it is sound and that sparks or fumes can't escape through cracks or broken bricks

Use a fireguard

Don't overload the grate or build fires too high; let fires burn down well before going to bed; and check the hearth, floor and furnishings near the fire for sparks or embers

Burn the recommended fuels only - see guidance frequencies below

Regular maintenance requirements of the chimney depends on the fuel -

Smokeless coals: at least once a year

Wood: up to four times a year

Bituminous coal: twice a year

Oil: once a year

Gas: once a year