The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on Saturday was like no other before, there was no pomp and ceremony .

As is normally expected from a senior member of the Royal family yet he was laid to rest in a poignant service which definitely highlighted his role as the main lynchpin holding this family together. Due to Covid restrictions the funeral attendance was slimmed down from around eight hundred to just thirty close family members and friends. The Male family members wore morning suits and the ladies were suitably attired in black.

Everything was planned down to the finest detail by the Duke himself who wasn’t a great fan of big send offs.

And I am sure if he could have seen the funeral even he would have had no complaint as it was a truly family affair.

I am sure that no one watching could have failed to recognise the grief of the Queen as she was seated all alone yet remained totally composed throughout. For the first time ever I didn’t see Her Majesty the Queen I saw an elderly, vulnerable and very frail lady mourning her husband, confidante and supporter of seventy three years and it really brought tears to my eyes.

It also reminded me of the thousands of people who have lost loved ones during the pandemic and due to restrictions could not say their final goodbyes and also had to stand alone in their hour of need without a comforting arm around them.

Mrs L.M Jackson