PLANS have been submitted to create a used car sales lot and office on an area of Prestwich ‘in desperate need of development’.

Applicant Mohammed Asif has filed documents requesting a partial change of use from grocery shop to car sale business with provision for office space at a location on Rainsough Brow.

In a design and access statement submitted to Bury Council, the applicant states: “The building is currently a Best One grocery store.

“The owners intend to use a small section of the building to create an office to be used for commercial car sale, with a section of the parking area dedicated to the sale of cars.

“The area is in desperate need of development and there was an event of a car being abandoned by locals on the site for months.

“The local council had to be called in to dispose of the vehicle.

“The internal floor layout of the shop shall be minimally changed to integrate the new office for commercial car sale.

“Some existing partition walls shall be put up to create the new floor layout.

“The proposals will have a negligible effect on the original features of the property and will seek to enhance it by making the site active.

“All work will be undertaken to a high standard with attention to detail and with the aim to ensure original features are maintained and enhanced.”

The application also proposes the erection of a one metre grey boundary fence to the front and sides of the parking area.

The application adds that two full-time jobs would be created by the new venture and a separate application would be lodged for new signage should the change of use be approved..

The application will be decided on by planners at Bury Council at a date yet to be decided.

For more information about planning applications and consultations visit Bury Council website.