A BURY mum who put her experiences of receiving IVF treatment into print has received rave reviews for her book.

I(V)F Only chronicles Jodie Nicholson’s “infertility journey” presented in the form of a journal, written in real-time.

“I remember thinking I wish I had something like this when I was going through my journey,” said Jodie, 30. “A publisher replied to say they were interested and now it’s out there and I can’t believe how many people have said how much they relate to it.

“I think it’s been a real eye-opener for some people and I’m absolutely thrilled and proud of how it has been received.”

Jodie, who now has an 11 -month-old daughter, has no experience of writing since she left school 15 years previously, but didn’t let that stop her.

“It was never something I thought I’d end up doing,” she said. “I used it as my therapy when I was going through the treatment and it ended up being really honest account of what I was going through.”

The book has led to further writing work for Jodie, who is keen to share her experiences with other expectant mothers.

“My husband I were trying to have a baby for six years,” she said. “My husband already had a daughter so we thought it was probably myself who was infertile. I was found to have two collapsed fallopian tubes, polycystic ovaries and I didn’t ovulate. Pretty much everything that could go wrong had.”

The book is full of raw emotion and bitterness and Jodie, who is from Walmersley, admits the journey put a strain on her relationship with husband Steve.

“There’s a lot about what it did to us as a couple,” she added. “We were denied funding and I struggled at times and when he tried to offer support I wasn’t always accepting. That side of things was actually more difficult than the physicality of IVF.”

I(V)F Only is available through Amazon and Waterstones.