CONCERNED residents have put a road closed sign on a one-way street in Ramsbottom after motorists simply ignore no entry signs and drive down it the wrong way.

The notice has been put at the top of Silver Street, just off Square Street ­— but, say residents, motorists are just driving around it and continuing to drive illegally down the road.

Now they say if action is not taken there will be a serious accident.

Joy Reid, whose house overlooks the one-way street, said: “This is an accident waiting to happen.

“It is being used a shortcut because the drivers cannot be bothered to take that tiny little detour.

“Cars are going down there every couple of minutes.”

Residents have actually taken drivers to task about driving down the street.

Now they hope by highlighting the dangers of driving the wrong way down the street may shame drivers into thinking twice ­— and lead to enforcement action.

Joy said: “I have accosted people in the last three days telling them that it was a one-way street. One said it was just a short distance but I told him it was illegal ­— and another said he wasn’t going very fast.

“One driver said he knew it was a one way street ­— if there is an accident saying sorry will not be enough.

“Children and mums with prams and toddlers cross that road all the time.

“They would be looking for cars coming up the road not down the road, could the car coming the wrong way stop in time if they started to cross.”

Residents are also calling for clearer signage on the road and diversion signs as part of Square Street is closed for outdoor seating.