ANDY Burnham visited Unsworth this weekend as he threw his backing behind Labour Party candidate Nathan Boroda.

The Greater Manchester Mayor was joined by Shadow Culture and Sports Minister, Alison McGovern in support of Mr Boroda, who will contest the seat with Michael Hankey of the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative's Anton Slawycz.

"It's going to be a close election," said Mr Boroda. "There's lots on the table to keep Unsworth Labour and also to keep Greater Manchester Labour.

"Andy's been a great fighter against the Government. He's done a great deal for Bury, he's done a great deal for Unsworth as well. He's going to do more next term with buses and fighting crime and he's going to make a difference to our communities."

"You're lucky in Unsworth," said Burnham. "Haven't you got a great candidate in this lad? You really have.

"This lad will go very far and we hope you're gonna go far on Thursday. You really deserve it and we would love to see you succeed and I think you will."